Friday 29 July 2016

July-lights | My month in Instas

It has been a while since I've had a segment on here, back in the days when I first started Granite City Girl (when I had a sparkle in my eye and such hopes and dreams) I had so many segments, too many even, ranging from best buys and cookery posts to OOTD posts and tags (so many tags) and I binned 'em all! Recently however I've been getting much much more into Instagram and as my side panel just can't seem to keep up with my constant posts I thought I'd share some of my highlights right here!

 #1. New hur don't cur! I'm such a cool dude now thanks to @saksaberdeen and @lina92x (apologies for the scruffiness!)
This month I changed my hair again and made sure to document the process on instagram - of course!

 #2. Feet are already sore but feeling fab at the @h.j.c.styling launch @theaberdeenmal.
For the first time in forever I donned my heels for the launch of a brand new styling business which you can read all about right here.

#3. Bringing a whole new meaning to golden eye with this look on the lovely Sara from a couple of weeks ago.
I have been a busy little bee in the salon this month, between occassion and evening make up as well as wonderful wedding guests and this look has been my favourite by far!

#4. How times have changed, I love a good then and now make up transformation pic.
I love a good look back and nothing makes me happier than seeing just how much my make up artistry skills have improved - particularly in only a year!

#5. Over on the blog today I reviewed AND swatched some of my newest @kyliecosmetics lip kits including #exposed #posieK and #22.
You'll have seen just how obsessed I have been with these lip kits right here and on Instagram. In fact you can read that review right here.

#6. Popping in for an impromptu browse @maccosmetics @unionsquareaberdeen where I helped @93hayleym buy her FIRST EVER MAC Lipstick and liner.
As I'm on a spend ban I thought I would offer my skills and services to those in need! I succeeded and then some I tell you!

#7. Flicks oan and I'm ready to start the day @blushhairaberdeen.
This has been my favourite look to recreate on a daily basis (super easy, super quick and I can get that extra 10 minutes in bed!)

#8. Also coming this week to the blog!
Hayfever season - need I say more! Read my top tips to manage hayfever meltage right here.

#9. After painstaking hours of watery hayfever eyes and pulling on Spanx I am wedding guest ready! @banchorylodge I'm coming for you!
I was lucky enough to be a wedding guest at Banchory Lodge hotel (beautiful, beautiful venue) and I can only say I wish I looked like the above when I eventually got home!

Until next time folks, these have been my July-lights.

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Lights Camera Action | My First Photoshoot

Make up artist photoshoot

Putting your new business out there can be one of the most daunting things you'll ever have to do, you'll be filled with doubt and anxiety and above all questions, like, 'will people respond positively,' 'will I get any business from this,' and 'am I good enough,' and this feeling only intensifies when you land your first ever paid brief. And this is a feeling I experienced for the first time only a couple of months ago when I worked my first ever photoshoot as a make up artist with a local photographer, model and hairstylist.

The shoot itself took place at Red Dawn Photography Studios in the centre of Aberdeen with photographer Chris Denslow, model Jenny Clewlow and hairstylist Kerry Mackenzie and after talking for a couple of weeks on Facebook we decided on a vintage theme for our shoot, which of course is RIGHT up my street. After the initial set up, introductions and getting over the wibbly, wobbly nerves we got stuck right in to the first few looks.

We went for a traditional 1950's 'housewife' look complete with a vintage 'cat eye' flick and a defined crease, complimented by a great up do by Kerry, pulled off marvelously by Jenny and shot professionally by Chris. After a couple of touch ups and outfit changes we were good to go on to our second make up look of the day. This time we went for a twiggy inspired cut crease which I had great fun creating.

Jenny Clewlow Aberdeen Model

Overall I was really pleased with how the day panned out, if I could literally do photoshoots and make up all day everyday I would consider my life made (with of course a couple of blogging moments thrown in there!) and I'm really looking forward to working on my next one.

Big, huge, gigantic shoutout to the team for the day who just made it a fun and professional experience. If you'd like to see any of the teams work simply click on their names, photographer Chris, Model Jenny, Hair Stylist Kerry and of course thanks to Red Dawn Studios for the space.

If you'd like to see more of my work however you can always catch me making faces on the various channels, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and weekly updates from the blog on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, cue the lights! 

H.Elizabeth x

Friday 22 July 2016

Building my Pro MUA Kit | Haul

False eyelashes may be my biggest expenditure to date. Forget the MAC foundations and the Bobbi Brow liners, forget the Kylie lip kits and Too Faced eyeshadow, the real and greatest expense of being a make up artist comes from your disposables (so cotton pads, cotton buds, micellar water and baby wipes) But what's my biggest disposable? Lashes. Lashings and lashings of lashes. You see the thing with lashes is, once they're gone, they're gone. They aren't reusable, you can't cut a lash in half and use the other half for someone else (gross) so if you have 4 ladies needing a face, that is 4 pairs of lashes, roughly costing £20 - £25 if you use Eylure from Superdrug / Boots as I have. Naturally this couldn't continue if I wanted to continue pursing my Make Up Artistry career and I decided to go on the hunt for a cheaper similar quality alternative. 

That is when I discovered who not only stock my tried and tested Eylue lashes at a lower cost, but American / Canadian brands I was otherwise unable to get my hands on in Scotland. Ardell, Red Cherry, Peaches and Cream, Eyecandy and even Mink lashes (not sure how I feel about these) And not only is the website cost effective but the delivery was super quick too, I for example, placed an order on the Saturday night and received my lashes by Tuesday. With that in mind today I thought I would share some of the lashes I picked up in my first ever pro false lash haul.

Ardell Demi Wispies Multipack (4 pairs for £11.99)
If you're a beauty blogger or watch a lot of beauty you tubers then you'll have seen these lashes kicking about pretty much every where. The Demi Wispies are Ardells most popular lash and it's not hard to see why. They're textured, they're lengthening and they'll really help open up your eye as they fan out towards the sides which I love! As you can see I picked up two of these as I can see these being a very popular choice with the girls who visit me in Blush.

Ardell 105 Glamour Multipack (4 pairs for £11.99)
For the bold and fearless ladies looking for a bit more glamour in their lives! These lashes are super long, super full, super voluminous and will be really lovely for those ladies who are heading for a night on the town. 

Eylure Lash Edit - Paris Set (3 pairs for £6.95)
Okay admittedly these are sort of for me, but of course if someone spies them in my kit and wants to give them a good go, then I will not stop them (I may cry but we'll carry on!) These ones are a bit cheaper than the New York set (RRP £9.95) but I don't know why. You get good day lash, a good voluminous evening lash and of course something for those in between moments. These would be classes as lengthening and voluminous as opposed to textured, great for when you've got minimal eye make up but still want to make a statement.

Red Cherry Lashes (Complimentary gift)
With my order came these Red Cherry Lashes which the company must be trying to shift, but hey I'm not complaining I got free lashes! I have never tried Red Cherry personally but I have seen a lot of beauty based You Tubers who have used them in tutorials so I'm looking forward to giving these a go regardless.

Hopefully ordering this way and trying, experimenting and using new styles means I will find something a bit more appropriate for my kit and of course something that the ladies in my chair will love! As for you lovely lot I hope you have enjoyed this post, leave a comment below telling me what you favourite style of lashes are or your favourite brand and I'll be sure to check those out during my next haul. As per I'm on the usual socials, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more from the blog on Bloglovin!

Until next time folks, lashes so long!!!

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Dealing with Trolls | My Instagram Experience

 If ever there was a bloggers hand book on how to deal with any life situation it'd be super short and only contain three words. 'Write about it,' You had a bad day? Write about it. You had a good day? Write about it. You got angry about a topic? Write about it. So shockingly today when I had my first ever experience of a troll on social media I decided what better, more therapeutic way to deal with this than to write about it? And here we are!

Trolls, just in case you've never been unfortunate enough to experience one, is someone who essentially will bully someone from behind the safety of their computer, tablet or phone screens. Usually the troll in question will post a comment to rile someone up or hurt someones feelings with no prompting whatsoever. Or in short, someone who has nothing else better to do with their time in life than comment on strangers posts in an attempt to validate their own existence.

So. My experience. As you guys know I have an instagram account where I showcase my work, make up on my own face, make up on my clients faces and any and all things in between, new products, new releases, news pieces on beauty and well everything basically, and I had never had any negative feedback on my work or what I post that was until a couple of weeks ago when I posted the above picture with a caption about how unhappy I was due to hayfever in the picture. The private message that followed was ridiculous!

'Hi, you have a very big nose you need plastic surgery,' 

Never one to rise to a bully I promptly reported the user to Instagram, blocked her and put it out of my mind but admittedly it gave me a bit of a knock for a good 20 minutes after said message was received. Luckily I like myself. I like my face, I like all of it's quirks, so called defects and bits and pieces that make me up, because it's all mine. Not very much can be said for this particular girls personality on the other hand, you see I can change my face if I want to, I can throw money at it and make things go away, nip things here, tuck things there, but honey, personality transplants are still under development.... and that's too bad.

My best advice I would say if you ever find yourself in a similar situation is to block, report and recover because honestly it isn't nice, no matter how ridiculous the comment, how confident you are as a person or how many times it happens to you it isn't a nice feeling. I've had people take pictures of me, caption them and send them around school. I have had comments posted on my personal Facebook account. I have had people start group chats about me and really all it does is display how little they have going on in their lives by discussing mine.

And remember if the trolls ever get to you remember the immortal words of the great Tay Tay.... haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate! Or drop me a comment below and tell me what your mantra is for dealing with negativity.

As usual you can catch me ignoring the trolls and serving some harsh realness to them sometimes on my socials, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or keep up with me and my positivity on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, Tay Tay it up!

H.Elizabeth x

This post is dedicated to the troll....thanks for the content idea!

Friday 15 July 2016

Kylie Cosmetics | 22, Posie K & Exposed Swatches

Eight! I have bought eight Kylie Cometics lip products to date. The cost of these little suckers doesn't even bare thinking about, but what can I say? I'm OBSESSED! Not with the Kardashians, not with the Jenners, hell not even with Kylie's lips, I'm simply obsessed with these products. These lip kits are hands down the best liquid lipstick forumlas I have ever tried. Their lip liners, as I mentioned previously really deserve a post of their own given how creamy and easy to apply they are and just how well they prepare your lips for the coming products. Their lipstick companions just complement them so, so well and I can now say that I have bought every colour I have wanted in the collection (so far) having completed my lip kit fam with 22, Posie K and Exposed (in addition to a metallic and a gloss which I'll post about separately.

When I first saw some of these shades such as 22 and Exposed I was a bit like, 'nah' 22 is a deep orangey-red colour which I just wasn't sure would suit me. But when I saw those swatches.... lordy I needed one! 22 has actually earned a place with one of my favourite lip colours ever and I have been rocking this shade these last few weeks when I've been feeling particularly summery with a pared back, neutral eye and fluttery lashes. Exposed grew on me once I saw Kylie herself wearing it in an instagram post, it looked very much like a nude I didn't have in my collection (I was wrong) Exposed is very much a toffee coloured lip colour which admittedly I was a bit disappointed with as all of the online swatches made it look significantly lighter, but it's still a gorge colour all the same. Posie K I KNEW wasn't going to be the colour as all of the swatches I had seen online but I had expected it to be quite a bit darker than my other love Koko K, I was right. Posie is a deeper pink / purple shade that is gorgeous for making a look that bit more girly. I've been loving pairing this one with a defined vintage eye using a brown gel to make the look a  bit softer.

And guys, now I feel fully justified in my purchases. In total I now have 8 Kylie Cosmetics products including 6 of the highly sought after lip kits - if you want to read my first impressions review of Koko K, Dolce K and Mary Jo K click this link right here for swatches and musings and all sorts. Otherwise and yet again I hope you have enjoyed, perhaps found this helpful and got more of an idea of how these kits look on the palest of pale. Tell me have you bought any of these kits? How have you found using them? Love to hear your thoughts, opinions, experiences and brain farts in the comments section below. Otherwise you can catch me on the usual channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Until next time folks, EIGHT!

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 13 July 2016

She's Got Style | HJC Styling Launch at Malmaison Aberdeen

How many of us have wished and hoped that Gok Wan would come and clear out our wardrobes? Or fancied a Wintour esk fairy godmother who would whisk us away to the shops and help us love our bodies  (and wardrobes) that little bit more and style us to Vogue like perfection? Well luckily for the ladies and gents of Aberdeen that fashion godmother is here in the form of HJC Styling.

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the fashionable, fantastic and fierce launch of HJC Styling at Malmaison in Aberdeen where we got the chance to meet, Hayley, the face behind the fashion. Hayley saw a gap in the personal styling market and leapt at the opportunity to fill it, previously a stylist for various brands Hayley felt limited by brands, sizing and the stores in which she worked, her solution? Become a self made Girl Boss and get it done yourself!

Hayley and HJC Styling currently offer a range of services, whether you're due for a total wardrobe shake up, just fancy a colour consultation or going all out and asking the lady herself to be your personal shopper for the day! I have copied Hayley's full list of services and prices below, I think you'll agree that they have all of their bases covered where helping out the fashion failures (like me) are concerned:

Price List:
Online Styling Service: £25.00
Colour Consultation: £80.00
Shop and Style: £120.00
Wardrobe Consultation: £150.00
Fashion Workshop / Bridal Workshop: £170.00
 Not only were we treated to cupcakes and prosecco a plenty as part of HJC's launch but Hayley took the opportunity to show off some of her sensational styling skills with a mini fashion show based on current SS16 trends. Through the show Hayley went through the current trends, how to wear them, what they look great with and the concept of patterns (which TERRIFY me!) I learned quite a bit that evening and wish I had brought a notepad or something to share some of her top tips, but alas I guess I'll just have to book in with her instead. (Also I want to add I was chuffed to find that one of the dresses she chose to dress her model in was actually one I almost bought in Topshop!)

I am so excited to see where Hayley's business goes in the future, it has been so refreshing to see so many new, innovative and creative businesses popping up all over the city where people have thrown the towel in and decided to chase their passions and dreams. If you'd like to hear more about Hayley and HJC Styling be sure to visit her website at HJC Styling  or email the lady herself on 

As usual you can catch me on all of the social medias, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, getting my fashion on (trying to at least!)

H.Elizabeth x

Monday 11 July 2016

Beauty News | Kat Von D Cosmetics is coming to Debenhams

Now if that title isn't enough to make you sqee with enjoyment, euphoria and excitement then perhaps you've never tried the Kat Von D beauty range. At present the Kat Von D Cosmetics range has not been widely available to UK buyers other than on  Sephora's website or if you've been lucky enough to go abroad and get your mitts on such things, but finally, FINALY it is coming to Debenhams stores across the UK and I could not be more excited!

I remember hearing about Kat Von D's cosmetics range way back when it first launched and I've got to be honest I was not too impressed and found it all a bit gimmicky, and back in 2008 when a celebrity released a product it wasn't anything to scream and shout about. Boy was I mistaken! Kat Von D brought her own personal, creative and artistic flair to the brand and completely changed the way I would view celebrity branded cosmetics for good. 

In her range so far I have sampled her liners (blacker than black might I add!) her lip ranges (which rival my Kylie Cosmetics kits I may also add) and swatched her Lock It Tattoo foundation to death (something I'll be grabbing with both hands and dear life!)  So when mid September rolls around you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be first in line at my local Debenhams stocking up for my kit...well myself mostly, but my kit too.

How excited are you for this range to be coming to the UK? Have you tried any of her products before? I'd love to hear your thoughts, excitements and general musings in the comments below. As always though you can catch me on my various social channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Until next time folks, squeeing with excitement!

H.Elizabeth x

Friday 8 July 2016

Summer Make Up Woes | How to Hayfever Proof your make up

You guys know if you've been here long enough that I am a hardcore hayfever sufferer. Eyes, nose, throat, even my hair follicles can feel when pollen is in  the air. Fortunately for me I thought I had escaped it this year... unfortunately I was kidding myself and I was once again struck down by the summer sickness literally on the first official day of summer. Now please, before you leave your seemingly helpful comments on how to rid yourself of the dreaded disease go and read THIS post which I wrote last year, really guys I HAVE tried everything. But today I wanted to do a shout out and a bit of a helpful post for all of you fellow hayfever sufferers, I'm looking at you with the streamy eyes, runny noses and red raw faces, on how to best smudge, sneeze and hayfever proof your make up.

Go hypo-allergenic wherever possible
Now no this won't prevent your nose itching or eyes streaming but it will give your immune system more of a fighting chance and gives you less to react to should anything accidentally happen to fall into your eyes. Vichy provide a good range for sensitve skin and all sorts of coverage options.

Wear waterproofs
Nope don't start donning those jackets and wellies just yet we just need to opt for a waterproof mascara. Ideally apply this in the morning after washing your face so you're not getting pesky pollen particles on the wand thereby compromising the integrity of your formula (how posh was that?) The mascara will stay on even if your eyes are water buckets that day.

Invest in a cooling eye gel
Whenever I walk to work in the summer I find when I arrive my eyes are a hot, puffy mess. So my solution is to keep a cooling eye gel in the fridge at work and apply it when you arrive, you can opt for a tinted one like the garnier roller ball or a clear one such as the Body Shops elderflower eye gel. You'll get a lovely cooling sensation and you'll look a lot more human which is always a plus, but if you're in a pinch you could always use the back of a teaspoon to de-puff those peepers. 

Shower at night before going to bed and wash your face in the morning
Excessive as it might seem for many, if you go to bed with pollen particles all over your face and body you'll simply sleep in them all night, get a terrible sleep, wake with sore puffy eyes and runny noses, you'll probably even just not go in to work and lose your job...Just kidding! But you'll feel rotten, make sure you're going into a clean, pollen free pit at night and wash your face in the morning just to make doubly sure.

Conceal that blotchyness
Sometimes my face resembles a slice of corned beef in summer. You guys know how it gets when you've been rubbing, wiping and rubbing all day and suddenly you look as if you've been crying for a thousand years. Grab yourself a colour correcting palette and cover those red patches with a pale green concealer. Make up lovers will know that green combats the appearance of redness, blend that in with a damp beauty blender and cover with regular concealer and foundation as usual. Be gone blotches!

I can't tell you this will magically make you look 100% human again but it's a start, hang in there fellow hayfever-ites and hayfever-ettes Autumn will be here before you know it and we'll get through this together.

What are your top hayfever / summer make up survival tips? Be sure to leave all of your tips and comments in the section below, come tell me how to stop my eyes watering on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook you name it! 

Until next time folks, ugggghhhh (the universal sound of hayfever sufferers!) 

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Send Nudes | My Nude Lipstick Collection and Swatches

Nudes are all the rage right now. Nope, put that phone down ladies I'm talking about nudey lips (though if you're Kim K nudes are ALWAYS the rage in your house) and over these last few months I've built up quite an extensive collection of nude lipsticks, glosses of all shapes, sizes, finishes and price ranges and today I wanted to share with you a few of my top picks from my pro make up artistry collection and of course ones from my own personal make up bag.

Swatches L-R: MAC Half N Half, MAC Blankety, Maybelline Colour Drama in Nude Perfection, Revlon Matte Balm in Mischievous, Too Faced Melted Matte in Nude, NYX Lip Cream in London, Kylie Cosmetics in Dolce K, Kylie Cosmetics in Exposed, Kylie Cosmetics in So Cute.
MAC Amplified Creme in Half N Half
Half N Half was one of the first shades by MAC I ever bought, way before the days of the Velvet Teddy reign I was rocking my good old half n half. This one is a bit darker than my other nudes and is perhaps verging on a more brown shade for us pale girls, but on a darker skin tone this would be perfection. The finish of this one is an amplified creme, so it's very creamy and quite heavy on the lips and what's great is it won't dry out your lips, great for those winter months (when they eventually roll in)

MAC Amplified in Creme Blankety
Blankety is one of my staple staple favourite. Whenever I don't know what to wear I'll always reach for blankety for comfort (ha I know!) Blankety again has a lovely creamy texture and consistency and is much lighter than it's sister Half N Half. I often use Blankety to lighten up the mid section of my lip and pat it out to give myself that 'ombre' lip, it also helps make your lips look fuller and bigger which we new age make up lovers of course all die for!

Maybelline Colour Drama lipstick in Nude Perfection
This one is perhaps the most affordable of the bunch and is one of the most surprising. Whenever I apply this shade it lasts all day! And as far as I am aware that isn't part of the major selling point, in fact I don't even think these have been to widely advertised. This shade is literally what it says on the packaging, nude perfection and is a great starter nude for you dabblers out there. My only criticism is the size is really quite small and you also have to invest in a large sided pencil sharpener just to get additional uses.

Revlon Matte Balm in Mischievous 
These matte balms are worth a look in for the forumla alone, which contains peppermint extract and leaves your face smelling minty fresh! If I could bathe in this I would! I use mischievous again to create ombre looks the majority of them time and it's a nice, blend-able, light shade which also doesn't feel drying.

Too Faced Melted Matte in Nude
The applicator for this is not great for hygiene and hence I do not stock them in my pro kit, which is a real shame because they are gorgeous. I wouldn't technically say that this was a particularly matte lipstick, it semi dries but not entirely. The finish however has a very tacky, strobed look and again is great for summer. It is quite a warm nude, even warmer than the Kylie Exposed kit so I usually pair this with a cool toned eye just to balance out the face.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London
One of my brand new babies from the brand new NYX counter in my local boots, I've been loving the finish of this lip cream, it feels more like a light soufflé finish than an actual cream which is lovely for summer when you want to feel a bit lighter. The shade itself is quite light with what I would say is a hint of orange very similar to the Too Faced melted matte shade. You do have to top NYX up quite a bit through the day but as they're high street I'm not complaining and it's a gorgeous shade!

Kylie Cosmetics Lip kit in Dolce K
I won't go into too too much detail about Dolce as you can read my full review and first impressions of it right here. 

Kylie Cosmetics lip kit in Exposed
First of my many, many mattes is the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit in Exposed. Exposed is a toffee / caramel shade which is unlike most other colours on the market. On darker skin tones it is a gorgeous cool, light colour, however on myself it is far warmer in colour and helps bring a bit more depth and dimension to my moon face. This is not perhaps one to dabble with if you're new to using nude colours on your lips as it can be quite intense but I cannot fault the formula it is beautiful!

Kylie Cometics lip gloss in So Cute
So Cute is the most versatile colour I have ever used it's gorgeous and this summer I would not be without it. It looks exactly as it did on the Kylie Cosmetics website and can be layered over the top of just about any colour to give your look an extra oomph. But I genuinely just love wearing this on it's own with a pared back eye and subtle contour for a great summer barely there look.

For all of you nude connoisseurs and nudey newbies I hope you found this post helpful, informative, entertaining or maybe I've even just inspired you to get out there and spend some pennies (go on treat yo self!) What are your favourite nude shades? I'd love to hear them in the comments below, come link them to me on Twitter or if you're just interested in seeing these nudes in action be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Until next time, let's get naked!

H.Elizabeth x 

Friday 1 July 2016

A Tale of Two Faces | The Power of Make Up

Last weekend I ran out of one of my favourite brow products. No problem though, right? Well, I was slap bang in the middle of filming my first ever You Tube video, typical right, oh and did I mention I was only able to finish one brow before I found myself in this predicament? So with a heavy heart I shut off my camera and packed up my wares, to film another day, but instead I took the opportunity to be a little two faced, nah I wasn't having a rant and a moan behind my beloved MACs back, I mean I quite literally took the opportunity to be a little two faced.

I've seen a lot of bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers and tweeters doing this challenge entitled 'The Power of Make Up,' where you make one half of your face up and leave the other half bare as a baby. The challenge was pioneered by Nikki Tutorials in order to get folks thinking about make up, why they wear it , how it makes them feel as a person and to show that us gals aren't making ourselves into gorgeously glittery glamazons for no guy. I mean PLEASE I ain't buying a £60 palette and painting my lids purple for anyone but my own enjoyment!

To me make up, as many before and many more after me will say, is a form of expression, a form of control and an opportunity to transform not just your appearance or aesthetic, but your entire mood and outlook on life even if just for a day, an hour, hell half an hour, if it makes me feel good then I'll be doing it on the daily! From that self concious 14 year old girl and her first ill advised purchase of a Rimmel mascara that I couldn't work out how to use without going all panda eyed, to me today, a far more confident, life owning girl boss......still making ill advised purchases but luckily I'm a lot less panda.

So guys I'd love to hear your stories! How does make up make you feel? Do you feel all nostalgic over your first ever purchases? Be sure to leave all of your thoughts, word vomit and brain farts in the comments below, come share your selfies with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook even (where could be more appropriate?

Until next time folks, what can I say? I'm a little two faced after all!

H.Elizabeth x
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