Hey guys I'm going to use this space to share some of my fellow bloggers which I think you may like. A 'see if you like' page if you will, stay tuned for some awesome bloggers and some of my most loved reads.

I personally love reading blogs which are a good mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle so these are the blogs I have included here, I hope you are able to take the time to go through a few of them because they are really some of my favourites and I highly recommend them.

Ellis Tuesday
Ellis is a fellow Scottish blogger who writes a great mix of fashion, beatuy and lifestyle posts, I love a blogger who doesn't scrimp on content or compromise writing for design and Ellis has a great balance of both.

Shannon Darko
I love Shannon's style, she really speaks to the more alternative side of me and her lifestyle posts are great. I love the down to Earth voice Shannon has and that she offers reviews of high street products too.
Perks of Being Ami
I found Ami's blog during one of our bbloggerschat sessions on Twitter after looking for new blogs to read and I'm glad she sent it along, her one stop shop for beauty blogging reviews is fab. There is something for everyone high street or high end Ami has it covered!

Ever so Juliet
Juliet's blog is one of the first lifestyle blogs I ever read, but I was instantly hooked, in fact it was her blog amongst a few others that inspired me to pursue my own love of writing. I love her lifestyle posts and her book reviews especially and it's great to read up on what to do in Edinburgh when you do visit!

Forever Amber
This is a very recent find for me, but I'm sure you've all been following and loving her for years! Ambers posts are simply amazing, she has such a quippy sense of humor that resonates so well with me, her style posts are on point and her recent blogging tips and tricks are so helpful for new bloggers! It also helps she is a fellow redhead AND scottish blogger!
Little Blog of HorrorsFollowing Ayden, adventures and afternoon tea, and if this doesn't sum up Little Blog of Horrors I'm not sure what will. Ayden writes about a little bit of everything, from tattoos, alternative fitness endeavours, food, beauty, hair, adventures and has quickly become one of my fave blogging must reads.

These are just a few of my favourites but of course I plan on adding more and more when I can, so of course if you have any recommendations or if you'd like me to have a read of your own blog drop me a comment below or come share with me on Twitter in the mean time I hope you enjoy this collection! 

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