Wednesday 17 June 2015

Granite City Memories | Goodbye Granda

This week my family and I did one of the most difficult things we have ever had to do in our lives so far and that was say goodbye to a wonderful granda, a caring father and loving husband. As you can imagine there isn't much you really can say to outsiders who have never experienced this kind of grief or pain and that's why today this isn't a post on how to cope in these situations, how we handled it ourselves or anything of the sort. Instead I would like to offer up my own tribute to my granda which was written over 12 years ago when I was tasked with writing a speech about someone or something important to me and my life and here it is:

My Granda - By Hannah Cosgrove Age 10

My Granda enjoys making things and this is a few of the things that he has made. He has made 2 bridges, lots of sheds, a well, a gazebo, bird table, a rabbit run and a rabbit hitch which he has called 'Miles Classic' and these are only some of the things he has made. I have taken in some photos to show you. He also likes to work outside in the garden I liked helping him I like watering the plants and taking all of the weeds out of the garden. He also likes to watch Laurel and Hardy I like them as well because they are very funny he also likes watching cowboy films but he prefers John Wayne. He also likes musicals he likes to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers I think that is one of his favourites. He likes to take Lance out for long walks each day. That is my granda and I love him very much.

To know you, as many have said in the last couple of weeks, was to know a legend and nobody could have asked for a better granda than you.

Goodbye Granda x

H.Elizabeth x

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