Sunday 28 September 2014

Aberdeen Student Lock In | Autumn Haul

Technically no, I am not a student anymore. Well at least as of the very end of September, and I mean I'd quite happily be exploiting my discount up until 11.59pm on the 31st of September that's how much I'll miss my discount. So you can imagine that when Aberdeen's Bon Accord and St Nicholas Shopping centre announced their annual student lock in I was first in line! (not literally unfortunately!)

Pre Lock In
Well the queue was massive, we actually arrived 40 minutes prior to doors even opening and we were I would say reasonably near the front, considering how far back the queue eventually went I was chuffed! 

During the Lock In
As cheapy as it may sound I had been expecting more freebies, I literally went away with one shower gel by L'Occitane and a catalogue from Warehouse which I could have got any time.  I don't feel like the actual discounts on offer deserved as much hype as there had been because there was literally an extra 10% and Boots didn't even bother with discounts, to the dismay of many shoppers we saw loading baskets with products!

New Look (20% Discount)
Tartan Pinafore
I've been dying to get a bit more fashion focused at work since all I seem to be wearing as of late are my black trousers paired with a flowy shirt, and this was RIGHT up my street not to mention on trend for the Autumnal months.

Burgundy 50's Flare Skirt
Something I've been dying to try out and not to mention suit over the past few months is a long skirt that isn't body con, and I do believe I've found it. It's a show stopper!

Parisian Tee
Admittedly I was drawn in due to Paris, our holiday booking is looming and I feel like I'm already behind in buying my holiday clothes! Plus it looks amazing with my 50's skirt.

Purple Floral Geisha Kimono 
When it comes to Kimonos, what can I say? I'm a woman obsessed I think at the moment I have 5 or 6, and this one well I had to have it! I wear these instead of blazers or jackets on an evening out so really you can never have too many!

Coral Stilettos 
Recently I have been dying to buy a pair of statement shoes for special occasions and evenings out, but I had no luck since my tiny size 3 feet only get the boring shoes! But at the lock in I spotted a rare find in the form of stilettos for a tenner! Now if only I had a party coming up!

Topshop (20% Discount)

Lippys! (Macaroon, Ditsy, Wicked and Trigger)
I'd heard good things about Topshop's lippy over the past few months, from their staying power to their moisturing qualities and even their great pigmentation, so when I saw they were on offer at 2 for £12 in addition to discount I jumped to buy 4! (Review pending)

Lip Liner (Burgundy)
Another one of my new obsessives is lip lining, I've seen the MAC girls in town lining to perfection and well I'm a sucker for trends!

Post Lock In
As a general guesstimate I Buyers remorse? Never! I am of course feeling so gutted that this year was my last ever lock in but I look forward to my senior citizens discount when the time comes!

Have you guys visited a student lock in wherever you are? If you have what was your experience of it, a lot of freebies? better discounts? Drop me a comment below, Tweet at me or come follow my latest posts on Bloglovin

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Whats In My Bag Tag

It dawned on me recently that I don't think I have ever participated in a beauty blogger tag, quite a shameful act if I do say so myself, so today in true newbie fashion I thought I would make a go of the whats in my bag tag.

The Bag

My bag itself is a very very worn in leather satchel style which I have had since I started college (4 years ago) and my goodness it has served me well. I love this bag because I think it's a style that never really goes out of fashion, plus its massive so I can carry my life if I need to!

The Contents

Hairbrush and Hairspray:
Self explanatory really, I mean I do live in the North East of Scotland and we can't look fabulous all of the time can we!? I'm prepared for practically everything!

Crazy Cat Diary:
Sometimes I have trouble managing my time / remembering peoples birthdays so this is my life saviour. I get a mid year to mid year diary as I hate starting one in January, it was very handy as a student.

Leopard Print Notebook:
My blogger book! Should inspiration strike, and sometimes it does at awkward times of the day, I don't want to scribble on my hand, so this does the trick.

Green Elephant Purse (Urban Outfitters):
As much as you're not meant to and as bad luck as it's supposed to be, I bought this myself. Nobody knows how to buy me a gift like me and it's a bit tatty now and my poor elephant is going a funny colour but it serves me well.

Dior Glasses Case + Glasses:
Hello four eyes! Yes I wear glasses, I understand its from years at the cinema and sitting to close to a computer screen, but hey at least I can pull of Geek Chic without those awful false frames. Don't sit too close to the television kids!

Marc Jacobs Lola Perfume:
I have adopted this as 2014's signature scent. Mine at least. Years I feel I lusted after this sweet, flowery scent and now it's mine, my precious if you will and I wouldn't be a day without it.

Bottle of Evian:
A practicality if anything, it saves me gorging on yet ANOTHER bottle of fizz and helps for my long walks to work in the mornings. God forbid if I forget it I'm a sweaty mess after my journey!

And that's me, what do you guys carry in your bag that's maybe a little bit different? Eccentric even? I'd love to hear your crazy bag tag!

If you'd like to see me do another blogger tag or if you simply want to say hello, drop me a comment below, catch me on the Twittersphere or if you want to keep up to date with my latest and greatest catch them all on Bloglovin!

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Lashes? Au Natural, Strips Or Go Indy

Over the last few months I have been experimenting with a few new looks and products to extend, improve and basically falsify the look of my lashes (it's both a passion and a beloved past time) and I thought  it would be fun to share my recent efforts with you guys and the blogosphere. So if like me you are facing the age old dilemma of daring to bare, over the counter full on falsies or perhaps going under the therapists tweezers and going for full on lash extensions this review might be just what you're looking for!

 Daring to bare
Clinique High Impact Mascara RRP£17.50
As you'll all know by now I am a great lover and avid hunter of mascara. If there has been a latest and greatest fad, I've been at the front of the queue, from L'Oreal's Miss Manga, the cat eye mascara that swept us beauty bloggers a few years ago (which in my opinion smelt terribly like cat pee!) right down to Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara (which I continue to be a great lover of) but no matter. If you do dare to bare your lashes, in my opinion there are only two ways to go. My much beloved Benefit mascara has gotten me through many a dark stubby lash days or my other love, Cliniques High Impact Mascara in black (can be seen in the photograph below) With the appropriate technique (wiggle wiggle wiggle) and a steady hand you can actually achieve falsie heights and volume with either of these two wonder products.
   Strip Falsies   

Eylure KP Lashes (Sweetie Pie) RRP £5.95
Ah falsies from my youth, when the hair was super backcombed and my eyelashes almost met my hairline! I don't think these will ever grow old. Given that they are simple enough to put on and don't look too full or thick you could easily pass these off as your natural eyelashes. Steady hands and a but of know how is your best friend here ladies, make sure you apply the glue to your strip first give it a wee wave then apply glue to the other, this should give eyelash one a chance to develop a tackiness that will allow easy application. I have never really strayed from my Eyelure lashes so maybe I'm not the most objective but these honestly do wonders and if you look after these properly and remove any tack or glue after each use you could use these for up to one month (with about  3 or 4 days use a week) For temporary lashes these are on the pricey side but when it comes to something near your eye, you don't exactly want to scrimp out.

 Individual Lash Extensions
Baker Street Salon Aberdeen £30.00
Last but not least, the contemplation of lash extensions. The allure of long, lush lashes on a more semi permanent basis I admit got the better of me a couple of months ago when I visited a local salon to have them applied. An uncomfortable procedure involving a large cotton pad under your eyelid, tweezers and a painstaking amount of time. Of course I fell in love as soon as I saw them, more natural looking than my beloved falsies yet longer and better than my really real lashes. The downside? The incredibly intense upkeep and maintenence is impractical for a busy city girl like me, also for someone who likes to give their face a good scrub, or likes to merely touch their face, or sleep comfortably. These may not be the best route to go down, but if you live in a plastic bubble and literally sit around all day then these are right up your street.


If you're going for a more nautural day look I would of course opt for the mascara, it's light, won't weigh down your lashes and you won't blow people away with a blink.

On the other hand if you're going for a full, glam evening look or you just want to look super dressed up then falsies are your friend.

As for the individual lashes I would not recommend these at all unless you are prepared for something super high maintenance on your face (I'm talking washing your face will be your new nightmare!)
Hopefully this has helped some of you lovely beauty enthusiasts make an informed choice today, if you have any lash loves in terms of mascara, falsies or maybe you've had a fabulous experience with individual lashes drop me a comment below, tweet at me on the Twittersphere or if you'd like to keep up to date and see more of the Granite City Girl be sure to follow me on Bloglovin

H x

Sunday 14 September 2014

GCityGirl Catch Up

Hello lovelies, and thank you for being oh so patient with me while I have been off gallivanting and having all sorts of milestones, events and well just adventures really (also my laptop broke) Apologies, but rests assured I am well and truly back and you have my (almost) undivided attention!
So today's post is going to be a shameless justification of why I have abandoned my blogging duties and neglected to share with you my lovely life updates. 

Here goes nothing:

1) All of my hard work finally paid off and I graduated in Communication and PR with a 2:1 Honours Degree. Woop!

2) My lovely friends treated me to a very suave and sophisticated hen weekend in Edinburgh

3) Shortly after my nearest and dearest took a 13 hour train journey to celebrate my marrying the love of my life in the most perfect Cornish wedding there ever was, has or will be! 

4) I swapped careers a couple of times, but have finally settled into a job I am super happy in and actually get to use my degree

 (More exclusive than the Jolie - Pitt wedding)

All in all ladies and gents a whirlwind few months for me, I hope all of you guys are keeping well and if you've celebrated any big days, milestones or had a fantastic moment in life recently I'd love to hear about it. Drop me a comment below, be sure to catch me on the Twittersphere or if you want to see more keep up with me on Bloglovin

But for now I leave you with a wee collage of the past few months (above), hope you enjoy.
H x

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