Tuesday 20 May 2014

What I Wore | Fairytale Fashion

Yaaay it's that time of year again (well that one day a year we get here in good ol' Aberdeen) where the sun has got his hat on and makes our great city glitter, Summer! And what better way to celebrate than to dig out the wardrobes summer finest, and in turn celebrate the up coming release of Disney's Maleficent at the end of May.

What I Wore on my Body

Vest - 'Who is the fairest of them all' Metallic Fairytale Vest, H & M (incredibly comfy!)
Jeans -
High Wasted Light Wash Jeans, Topshop
Feet- Plain black pumps, New Look

What I Wore on my Head and Face 

Hair - Iron Curled Ends (using straighteners) otherwise straight all over.
Face - Nivea Moisturizer
Collection Lasting Perfection (Fair)
Eyes - L'Oreal Colour Riche Crayon Le Khol (Midnight Black)
I used a trio of colour from my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Lips - Burts Bees Lip Balm

Given the weather has been so good my skin has been behaving incredibly well (I put it down to the rays we Aberdonians have been catching lately!) and all I have been using on a daily basis is my regular moisturizer and a touch of concealer to get rid of any redness or blemishes, fingers crossed this continues throughout the coming months!

So that is my homage to fairytales and princesses of Summer, it may be a tad dull but I'm afraid this is often as bright as we get here in Aberdeen. I have been working on a few new hairstyles inspired by the vintage ladies of the 1950's and 60's in addition to a few You Tubers I have been loving lately (Cherrydoll Face to name one, go check her out!) so if you enjoy trying something a little vintage and something a bit different stay tuned for my take on these timeless classics.

As always you can catch me on Twitter or if you'd like to keep up to date with the latest with Granite City Girl follow me on Bloglovin, catch you on the next one.

H. Elizabeth xx

Thursday 15 May 2014

Rituals | Foaming Body Wash Review

So as you may know from a previous post a fee months back I bought Glamours latest and greatest beauty box and I was so over the moon, intensely excited to try out all of the new products. Now I find myself needing to use an invisibobble over a regular hair tie, I am in love with the lush lashes Miss Manga has continued to give me and I wouldn't be without my minty Burt's bees!

However there was a wee surprise product which I did not expect to love even half as much as I do and that is the Rituals Zensation Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom Foaming shower gel sensation... Quite a mouthful I know! 

Usually unless there is a fantastically amazing sounding scent such as my Philosophy Apple pie gel, a wildly luxe brand like Molten Brown or even something a bit different from Lush, shower gel doesn't tend to enthuse me. So upon throwing this into my gym bag only last week I didn't think twice about what I had in store!


First of all the smell, my goodness the smell! Mouthwatering, sweet and positively luxurious. I tend to get confused hearing things like 'cherry blossom' or 'rice milk' unless it's spelled out for me like apples or strawberries I am pretty clueless. But such a gel deserves a beautiful name, top marks for my refreshing and femininely scented body after using this foamy delight.


The feeling of the gel wasn't like the traditional foamburst you would expect from the likes of imperial leather, instead the gel is just that quite a runny gel like consistency much like a shaving gel rather than a shower gel... If you understand what I mean. It doesn't take too much to work the gel into a foamy lather of sweet smelling goodness and glides off your skin as smoothly as it leaves it.

My one and only criticism of this gel is that a little doesn't really go a long way, I was given a travel size in my beauty box and that really only did for two and a half washes, so I would say this is more a once in a while luxury product, no use for daily washes. Definitely recommend for those of you looking to add a bit of luxe to your shower routine.

RRP £8.50 (200ml, From Bath & Unwind)


If you guys would like me to review anything else which was included in this specific beauty box drop me a comment below, and if you guys have any recommendations for me for other beauty boxes you may have tried let me know and I will definitely check them out! As always you can catch me on Twitter and of course if you want to see more of my latest and greatest follow me on Bloglovin. Stay tuned folks.

H.Elizabeth xx

Saturday 10 May 2014

The Apology Post - Let's Catch Up

Hello everyone, so hopefully you have all noticed that I have been awfully awfully quiet as of the past couple of months so I would like to first and foremost apologize and promise it won't happen again any time soon. I also want to take this opportunity to summarize where I have been, what I have been up to and what you can expect from the Granite City Girl in the coming months!

Below is a list, as I do love listing everything, of everything, or rater most things, I have been up to the past two months of absence!

  •  Solo trip to London to the London Super Comic Convention 2014. (Study purposes)
  • Uni, Uni and more Uni. Dissertation was a killer but at least I got to do it on comicy, Marvely superhero goodness.
  • My granda finally finally got out of hospital after nearly 3 months in high dependency!
  •  After almost 6 years I quit my job at our local bakery to find something a bit different.
  • Beginning multiple news jobs before finally settling at a city center aesthetics clinic which so far I love!
  •  Training for my 10k's one of which is next week and another next month.
  • Non stop wedding planning, as I type there is currently 83 days and 18 hours to go until the big day and I am so excited, stay tuned for my wedding updates and meltdowns!

Lately on the beauty side of things I have been experimenting quite heavily with vintage styles like the pin up looks, barrel rolls, victory rolls etc, which I will make a couple of detailed posts on shortly. I'm going to try and do a few summer hauls, wee life posts and event posts for you guys.

So I hope you stick around to see what I have in store in the next stage of my life post university! As always I am on Twitter and you can always follow me on Bloglovin.

H.Elizabeth xx

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