Wednesday 29 June 2016

Eye Define | Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner Review

Bobbi Brown Review

Back in the day pencil eyeliner was my go to, though I do think I've been through every phase under the sun throughout the years, liquids, creams, pencils, bright colours, dark colours, mattes, shimmers, you name it I've wore it! But today I want to share with you my latest liner obsession and that is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner. 

Currently I stock two colours in my kit, black ink which is a beautiful blacker than black shade and sepia ink which is a dark taupey brown which is great when trying to create a more 'natural' look (fab for brides!) and given just how much I have fallen in love with these I'm excited to buy more. The liners themselves come in small pots with 3g worth of product inside, but believe me when I say that a little goes a very long way. 

To apply these I use a damp tapered brush, typically my weapon of choice is the winged liner brush by Zoeva which came as part of my taupe collection. I start by painting my outer corner in short even strokes right at the root of the lash line and then working my way inwards and finishing off by tight lining my eye. By doing this I find the forumla goes on evenly and if necessary I'll wipe the excess off of the brush using a piece of kitchen roll before going near my eye. If used on the waterline which I rarely do, this last all day and according to claims can last as long as 12 hours on the eye (though I rarely wear make up in excess of 12 hours)The gel formula has helped me create perfect feline flicks faster than any forumla previously and doesn't smudge like most other liners do. This liner is perfect for ladies and gents who love the look of a liquid liner but don't want the smudging, running or hassle of application. 

At present I can't see myself needing anything more from an eyeliner than what these already give me, my only gripe in fact is that I don't have more colours!These pots retail at £18.50 each which sounds steep in comparison to high street brands but this will not only last all day but the pot will last you months guaranteed! You can buy these at any Bobbi Brown counter worth their salt in most Debenhams or John Lewis stores up and down the country.

Have you ever tried these gel liners? I'd love to hear how you found them, be sure to leave all your thoughts, comments and criticisms in the comments down below, perhaps you've found something EVEN better than Bobbi, I love getting your recommendations! As usual though you can catch me making faces on the usual channels Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course more from the blog on Bloglovin.

Until next time folks, nothing beats Bobbi!

H.Elizabeth x

Friday 24 June 2016

High Street Highlight | The Balm Mary LouManizer Highlighter Review

*Health and safety disclaimer: sunglasses must be worn at all times during the reading of this post to prevent premature blindness and bedazzlement *

Who doesn't want to watch their enemies negativity bounce off of their highlight and blind them right in their eyeballs in this modern age? Who doesn't want to look like a chic C3PO or like the lost member of Daft Punk these days? Nobody. Nobody that's who. But I can tell you what nobody really wants and that's to shell out £££s for an expensive highlighter only for it to hit pan quickly, crack under clumsy hands, run out in days or generally be ill fitting when you get home. So today I wanted to share with you a highlighter I have discovered (with the help of some famous tubers) and have been love, love, loving recently and the best part? You can pick it up right now in your local Superdrug, I'm talking about the Mary LouManizer Highlight by The Balm cosmetics.

I always looked at The Balm as a cheap and nasty version of Benefit Cosmetics, I mean why buy that when I can just pop to Debenhams and buy the real thing right? But boy was I wrong! The Balm have been around for a good long while now but are only now beginning to get the recognition they deserve as a stand alone brand. Their packaging is vintage 1950s inspired which I love but let's face it, we're not here for cute packaging now are we? I decided to pick up my first purchase from the Balm a few weeks ago when Jamie Genevieve recommended one of their bronzing powders on her channel (Bahama Mama) but things were about to get real when I watched Jeffree Star's high street highlighter video and I was put on to the Mary LouManizer Highlight.

The highlight itself comes in a gorgeous sturdy compact with a small mirror inside (how chic is that?!) and has a cute pin up girl getting her mugshot on the outside (classy bird) Online it has been widely described as a honey huded illuminator that catches the eye. What I personally would describe it as is PERFECTION. Nah I'm kidding, I would say it gives you the appearance of an inner glow or a subtle 'candle lit' effect on the skin, but I suppose depending on how intense you like your highlight and the shade of your skin it will perhaps have a different effect, but for us pale girls I'd say it's a must have. Since using this I have had so many compliments on my skins glow and how much colour it has added to my face, I apply this using a fan brush on my cheekbones and temples (or at least where I WOULD have cheekbones if I weren't so fond of pizza and doughnuts) on my upper lip using my finger and on the tip of my nose (subtly) For my contour I'll use my favourite new brozing powder Bahama Mama and after a good whack with my beauty blender and some Fix + I'm good to go!

This highlighter retails at £17.49 in Superdrug but you can also purchase it online from places like ASOS, I personally think this is a great price for the sheer amount of product you get as well as the quality of the product, it's so buttery and easy to apply and looks so natural (not drying or chalky in the SLIGHTEST) I implore you glow babies out there do go in and at the VERY least give this gal a swatch!

You can take your shades off now glow babies as we're coming to the end of the ride! If you have given this a swatch, went all out and bought one for yourself or you just want a chin wag be sure to leave your comments below. As you know I'm always looking to try new brands and products so if you have any suggestions come link with me on Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram to see my inner glow (but don't forget your shades)

Until next time folks, blinded by my own glow yo!

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Linton & Mac Nail Bar | Nails by L&M

As many of you know I have a love hate relationship with false nails and usually, if I'm completely honest, it's my own fault. I'll ask for them to be too long, I'll be too impatient and use stick ons (don't do it guys, don't do it) I'll rush to do something and bend one backwards (ouch ouch!) or I'll just be straight up clumsy and break one opening a purse! But having ventured forth into my new mini side career of make up artistry I thought it was high time I got rid of my badly taken care of bitten fingers and invest in myself (and my clients) and make sure my mani was maintained! So off I popped to my fave nail bar Linton & Mac for some TLC.

Now I feel this might be a little bit of a cheat because this ain't my first rodeo with Linton & Mac, nope I knew what I was getting myself into as they rescued me just one day before I was due to go on holiday this year when I had acrylics from HELL that not only looked nothing like what I asked for but also cut and made my cuticles BLEED! (Yeah it wasn't pretty)

So following the advice from Linton & Mac's nail tech when I do get my nails done these days I opt for gel extensions, which granted may not last quite as long as acrylics but are much gentler on my natural nails underneath. Kayleigh is so lovely and attentive when she's working away, taking me through each step, asking if I'm comfortable and just generally doing a fantastic job (I'm still in awe at how she is able to freehand the shape of the extension!!!) and it helps that when I go I'm guaranteed a good natter as well as great nail service.

This time I went for an almond shaped extension and a nude pink gel polish (fittingly named la tee da!) so far as I write this they have been on one week and are still looking fabulous! The length is so manageable to I can still do make up on myself, others and undertake tasks in day to day life no problem at all (even though my mum reckons there is just no WAY I can clean my house with these talons.. trust me I can do anything!) I'm booked in for next week to have my infills done and I do reckon between now and then I may have a couple of accidents and may have a couple of casualties but luckily with Linton & Mac all repairs and renovations you require are free of charge (great news for clumsy gals like me!) 

Overall I recommend if you have a big night out coming up, a fancy to do or just want to treat yo self then get on down to Linton & Mac for a mani / pedi treat. Hopefully some of you girls and guys in the Granite in particular have enjoyed this post, found it helpful, informative, or maybe just had a giggle at my expense as per, do leave all comments, thoughts and musings in the box below and feel free to have a stalk of my other social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes.

Until next time folks, feeling my majestic mani.

H.Elizabeth x

Friday 17 June 2016

Dining in the 'Deen | Abzmeet and the Adelphi Kitchen

I've always heard rave reviews about the Adelphi Kitchen but I've never braved a visit myself. I suppose in my head I had conjured up images of teeny tiny, posh portions and a vast array of fish that, as a hardcore advocate of battered cod from the local chippy, I would never dare touch. In fact it wasn't until an invitation landed in my inbox to sample the Adelphi Kitchen's menu that my interest was peaked and so it was that one rather miserable looking Sunday afternoon myself along with a fair few familiar faces from the Abzmeet gang headed along to the Adelphi Kitchen for a feed!

One thing that was immediately evident from our visit was the passion and dedication that the team feel for the restaurant. From the just so decor to the deliciously crafted summer punch (admittedly alcoholic....hic) and finally to the loving way they discuss their business, sourcing only the best catches and cuts to serve in the restaurant, experimenting consistently with new preparation and cooking techniques (they sincerely are a credit to their craft) and finally making sure the Adelphi experience is just so for all who come through the door.

We were treated to a vast array of fish from mussels, spiced halibut (YUM!) and langoustine to things a bit more out there like baby squid, which unfortunately despite my love of deep fried calamari I was not brave enough to try but loved watching my blogging counterparts giving it a good go. We sampled meat dishes where I discovered my new favourite thing to put in my mouth ever...haggis bon bons, oh and their take on macaroni cheese, really guys, if you never listen to anything else I recommend you... please try their macaroni I implore you! I attempted to share everything with Mairi of Copper Pink, however as an only child (and a hungry hungry person in general) I don't think I did very well (sorry!) particularly when deserts came a callin'

Desserts deserve a paragraph of their own so here goes. Served in a tapas style once again I attempted my sharing saga (ha!) but surely it's every blogger for themselves when laid down before your very eyes are chocolate mousse cake with home-made aero rhubarb chocolate, a creamy AH popcorn panacotta and a lemon meringue pie. Now usually I'm not a fan of chocolate desserts, they're too rich and dehydrate me something TERRIBLE, but this cake....this cake gets my vote ten times over! It was hands down my favourite part of the meal and I only wish I had a full sized one to myself (sorry guys sorry I was hungry okay?!)

 As a final parting gift we were given some of their delicious home-made chocolate fudge to take away (which I DEVOURED!) in a cute etsy style paper bag which was just the cherry on top of a foodie filled day with Adelphi.

When I can find someone willing enough I will definitely be visiting the Adelphi Kitchen again, even if just for some punch and chocolate cake! It is one of the Granite City's hidden foodie gems and has such a unique and quiet location which would be great for a dinner date, celebrating a birthday or you know just if you're hungry (as you do) Have you ever dined at the Adelphi? Let me know in the comments below if you have and if so what did you eat? I'm salivating again already! As usual catch me everywhere, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for food and faced and sometimes even faces full of food!

Until next time folks, Adelphi away!

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Too Faced | Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette Review

Am I a bit late to the party? Probably, but then again aren't I always? Today I just wanted to share with you my new fave, my new bae if you will, who I picked up during my recent travels and jaunt to Sephora which I have literally been using to make up my face every day (every day I leave the house) and that is the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette.

Having previously been a hardcore advocate of MAC eyeshadow palettes and investing quite a deal of time and money in them I just have to say, don't waste your damn time! (What a 360 right?) Too Faced, as the rest of the world undoubtedly knows by now, are well known for their melted liquid lipsticks and their eyeshadow palettes who famously smell as they are named, in this case rich chocolatey goodness which just makes playing with make up that much sweeter.

The semi sweet palette is a slightly deeper and richer version of Too Faced's ever popular chocolate bar palette and contains a range of finishes such as glitter, shimmer and matte shades which can help you create a wide range of looks just from a handful of colours, whether you're into natural, barely there make up, or dramatic, bold, draggy styles (like me!). The colours are all named after sweets of some form or description and so far my favourite 'go to' shades for every day have been peanut butter, mousse and puddin' but their shimmer shades caramel and bon bon are GORGEOUS. The colours are all highly pigmented and easy to apply which is a must for me as one of my peeves is eyeshadow you really have to work into the brush! 

I do plan on purchasing more Too Faced shadow palettes in future, namely their newest Sweet Peach range which looks great and light for the summer time (and I also hear smells divine) You can pick up Too Faced products at Sephora, however if you can't afford the plane fare I know you can get your hands on them in select Debenhams stores.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this super quick, super snappy and super sweet review of the Too Faced Semi Sweet palette, I'd love to hear just what you think of their products in the comments below, Tweet over your recommendations for other shadow brands or of course if you'd just like to see how I've been using the palette head over to my Instagram and Facebook page.

Until next time, feelin' sweet!

H.Elizabeth x

Friday 10 June 2016

Eylure Enchanted | Adored, Cherished & Beloved Lashes

Okay if there's one thing that can be said about me it's that I love, love, love false eyelashes! In fact I'd go as far as to say I'm a connoisseur of the false lash, a falsie addict, an artiste when it comes to application and I'm always looking to try new styles, products and make up techniques to enhance my own lashes. So upon buying the latest limited edition collection by Eylure I was excited to say the least and I expected to love and take these lashes in as my own go to gals! I was sadly mistaken and bitterly disappointed!

These lashes, where do I even begin, perhaps with the oddly formed band which can neither be trimmed to fit my lashes without looking ridiculously out of shape nor fit my shape naturally (a feat I have long admired the Eylure range for) Or shall it be how ridiculously uncomfortable these lashes are? Never have I ever been more uncomfortable while wearing a set of false lashes, and I have NEVER been so uncomfortable that I'd rip them off halfway through the day, but hey there is a first for everyhing. Alas this is what happened not once, not even twice but three times with these lashes as they're simply ALL as uncomfortable as the next.

Honestly, these lashes look so beautiful that I literally bought one from each set so now I'm lumbered with these devil lashes who want nothing more than to see me suffer! I implore you not to go for the enchanted collection (no worries Eylure it isn't all your fault) I for one LOVED their Katy Perry and Girls Aloud lashes and I've got to say I'm a big, big fan of their House of Holland lashes as well as their regular texture and lengthening lashes, so do try and test what you like to find your own falsie style (but not enchanted!) 

Sorry that this was something of a rant but I just wanted to warn you and spare you the scratched lids and dry eyes that these lashes offer you everything but the Enchanted experience you may be expecting! 

Did you get your hands on these? What did you think of them? Maybe it was just me? Be sure to let me know in the comments below, come share your thoughts with me on Twitter, or if you'd just like to see me making faces we can catch up on Facebook and Instagram!

Until next time folks, no these were NOT the lashes I was looking for!

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Not another MAC Haul | My Recent MAC Haul

It's for the kit, I swear it's for the kit... well at the very least it's for research purposes! Yes I am indeed coming back to you today with another MAC haul but this time guys, I didn't buy ANY lip products of any description (I'll pause right here for the gasps) nope instead I ventured forth into some more weird and wonderful products that MAC have had to offer the beauty world of late and today I'd like to share just what I picked up this time.

MAC Eye brushes (217 and 224)
Though I do love my Zoeva brushes sometimes you've just got to see what else is out there you know. And as the beauty bloggers and vloggers of the world have been screaming and SCREAMING about the MAC 217 brush I thought why not? It is a flat eye brush which I think I'll use to pick up and apply pigment as well as shading and blending. The 224 brush I picked up on a whim, I love crease brushes and this one looks as though it will deliver some more precise application than my current Zoeva crease brush does.

MAC Mini Prep and Prime Fix + Spray
Prep and prime has been around in the beauty world since the times of yore. It can be sprayed on your bare face to absorb additional moisture into the skin and give you a lovely dewy look, it can be applied to your beauty blender before pushing product into the skin and some have even used it as a finishing spray. I myself have been dampening my eye brushes with this spray and using it to pick up and apply glittery or more shimmery pigments to give me a 3D effect on my eyelid.

MAC Cream Colour Base in the shade Luna
I was told in the store that this was a limited edition colour base product but I'm sure it's still available! Sneaksy store lady, sneaksy! I got this because I felt it would look fab as a cream highlight, it's so soft and buttery and just glides over the top of my foundation (liquid) and has helped give me that gorgeous dewy, strobe effect that folks have been loving for spring / summer.

MAC Studio Eye Gloss in the shade Pearl Varnish
After I spotted these out of stock gorgeous glosses in Barcelona I knew I had to have one, so when I returned to MAC in Aberdeen I was on a mission! Luckily I managed to get my hands on this pearl varnish shade. I have not been brave enough to use this yet through fear of sticking my eyelids open or something drastic but I'm looking forward to creating some dramatic, wet look eyes with these one day soon.

See, I didn't do too badly did I? Since writing this post I have also stocked my kit with a few shades of the MAC Face and Body foundations which are great for bridal make up as well as work on photo shoots (which I did in fact use them for recently) and of course and as always I do still have my eye on a few MAC lippys (I will be strong, I will be strong)

I'd love for you to alleviate my guilt and share with me just what you've been buying in MAC or elsewhere recently! Be sure to share your hauls and best buys in the comments below, come share them with me on Twitter, or if you just want to see what I've been doing to folks faces recently you can find me on Instagram and Facebook!

Until next time folks, MACing life!

H.Elizabeth x

Friday 3 June 2016

You're making me blush | Hannah Adams Make Up Artistry has a new home!

Quickie, quickie update from me today just to announce a very exciting new venture for my little make up artistry business which I am pleased to announce has a brand new home! As of this weekend I will be offering make up artistry services every weekend from Blush Boutique in Aberdeen's city centre. For those of you who don't live in the good old Granite City, Blush Boutique began as a blow dry bar back in 2014 and quickly climbed to THE destination to get yo hair did on a Friday or Saturday before hitting the tiles. Since then they have come on leaps and bounds and are currently expanding their team of hairstylists as well as taking on brand new therapists, a make up artist (me) and nail technicians so they truly are becoming a one stop shop for all of your beauty needs.

Of course if you are a member of the glorious Granite City and you'd quite like to get your glam on be sure to call the salon for an appointment with me or drop me a line on Facebook. As per you can catch me lurking and making myself and others over on the usual channels, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc and more from the blog by checking my out on Bloglovin

Until next time folks, stop it you're making me blush!

H.Elizabeth x

Wednesday 1 June 2016

MUA Moans | The True Cost of Make up artistry

Since embarking on my new make up artistry journey over these last few months I really do feel as though I've seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly (i.e. unblended shadow, unblended shadow EVERYWHERE!) But in all seriousness today, I'd quite like to address a post that sort of made my blood boil recently on one of the many many MUA / wedding forums on Facebook relating to one bride in particular who quite simply saw her wedding and make up for the day as a god given right. 

The post in question was from a lady down south who wanted to give one 'learning but highly skilled' make up artist the privilege of working on her face for her wedding FREE of charge instead paying the artist in exposure, and her reason? She does not have it in her allocated wedding budget to pay a make up artist but is quite happy for whichever poor soul she is able to rope in to this utter, utter scam to take pictures of her on her big day. Now I'm sure all of you creatives out there have come across this at some point in your life, and it is RIFE in the wedding industry, with a lot of brides expecting free trials, free alterations, photographs, you name it! After seeing this post and understandably feeling a bit tetchy I sat down to write this post and basically outline the main three reasons make up artists charge what they charge.

Time is quite a large factor when it comes to charging for various make up artistry. For example an evening make up will take less time than a bridal appointment. But people forget that it isn't just time spent with your client, it's time drawing up face charts and contracts, it's time sitting down with your client and discussing their requirements, it's time sanitizing your kit and making sure you're giving your client the best possible experience and service, and particularly for those working in a salon or studio, for brides it's time spent away from that salon.

High Quality Products
I've seen people screw their faces at being charged £30 or so for occasion make up, but did you know that some of the individual products your artist is using can cost upwards of £30, particularly if they stock brands such as MAC. So you're not just paying for time, application and knowledge but the products too. Some artists will use your own foundation and your own products if you request this and they'll charge you at a lower rate but generally you want the best of the best for your big day or event and at the end of the day you're paying for use of their kit.

Just like any other profession you're paying your artist to use knowledge they've studied and acquired through various courses, degrees, training and painstaking hours spent getting those flicks on fleek! Basically your artist has put a great deal of work into their craft and it ain't cheap for them either. It's a bit like if you hired a decorator to help you achieve the dream home you've always wanted, would you expect this service for free, or ask your handyman to do this for the experience? Probably not.

Now obviously this is a very quick, thrown together and basic list of just why you're being charged that £30, but there is so much more. From advertising and marketing yourself to researching new products, keeping on top of the current trends, travelling to various locations, replacing disposables on a weekly basis and generally working your arse off to man and own your one person business (and guys that's the TIP of the iceberg)

Have you ever had your make up done professionally? Did you find it was worth the money or were you left questioning why you were charged so much? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, come share your brain with me on Twitter, or if you'd like to see more faces you can visit me on Instagram and Facebook.

Until next time folks.

H. Adams Make Up Artistry x

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